To celebrate Charisma’s 40th birthday on July 23rd 2010,Charisma Fanis holding a birthday project for all Charisma fans to submit their messages,poems,artwork etc and the staff will put this all together into a book and send it off to Charisma via her agent. Rules and information is posted below,if you have any questions please email us


  • You can send in graphics, poems, letters, drawings or whatever else you think would look good in a birthday book.
  • With any submission you make keep in mind that the content should not be rude in any kind of way – No ‘text’ language, rude or harrassing, personal information or any sexual messages.
  • If you wish to make graphics for the book please make them no bigger than 500×500 px
  • Please dont send in any letters asking for autographs,letter replies etc
  • When submitting please include your first name,age and location.
  • If you wish to buy a proper birthday card for Charisma and want it included,please send me an email.UK people can mail it to me and I’ll include it in the book.No gifts are accepted.

Please email all your entries to, questions can be sent to the same address and please make sure to put “Birthday Project” in the subject so your email does not get lost.The deadline is June 12th so I have enough time to put it together and send it to Charisma in time for her birthday!